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My golf instruction is based on "technology with method", where the fun factor cannot be neglected. I believe the good golf swing starts with a solid base which involves grip, posture and alignment. The golf "swing motion" must be adjusted to every single golfer, with the basis determined by the individual`s physique, balance and prowess. I, as a PGA Golf professional and certified TPI Golf instructor consider all of the above-mentioned factors as a unit. My motto is "from easy to difficult"

The golf lesson starts with the short game in order to get a feel for the club, the ball and the movement. Then the swing will be developed further. Over different swing phases you get to positions that first of all should be understood. I, as a good professional, will show you the details in simple and understandable terms and apply the appropriate exercises.

In my opinion and from experience I can state, that everyone learns in a different way:

  • „ A picture is worth a 1000 words!“ The visual golfer needs a picture and a clear vision. The personal view and consideration of the golf swing is important for him.
  • „Only, someone who knows what to do, can do what he wants!“ The auditory learner loves to listen to explanations. The golf swing has to be mediated clearly and understandably to achieve a successfully learning.
  • „One feels the ideal position of the golf club and the body depending on one`s own constitution!“ The kinesthetic learners are sentimentalists, who cannot do much with words or images. The learning success lies in a repeatable course of movement and is rounded with the lead of the golf player.

My task and challenge is to filter out, with you, in what way you can train your body to create a unique and yet repeatable golf swing. A Golf swing with which you feel comfortable, that is a swing which is simple, uncomplicated and feels good. What I need from you is your time and motivation. The golf swing is a never ending learning process - so let`s begin as soon as possible. I look forward to spending time with you!




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A stable routine is important for a good game!

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Positive attitude and confidence!

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Mitglied der PGA Germany
seit 2005

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„Golf-Fitness-Instructor" beim
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)
seit 2009

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Gross Kienitz


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Teaching Professional
von 2013 - 2016

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Vorstandsmitglied des Landesverbands PGA 2010 - 2013

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Mitglied im GTHGC
von 1978-1997

Mitglied im Grossflottbeker Tennis Hockey und Golfclub von 1978-1997.

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